360° Virtual Tour

Take a virtual tour to get a first look around our complex – or to look back and relive great memories!

The virtual tour works just like Google Street View – you can click on any of the displayed arrows to move forward or sideways. Keep the mouse key pressed down and move the mouse cursor to the right, left, up, or down to get a full 360° view or move into any direction.

The tour encompasses all the general areas and pathways. You can not access inside views of individual establishments at this time. Simply click and get going! Stroll from DORMERO’s reception to Phantombar, take the stairs or elevator from Palladium Theater up to CinemaxX, wander through the multimedia tunnel to the Apollo Theater and on to SchwabenQuellen…

The virtual tour went online in June 2015. However, since SI-Centrum is very open to change it’s always worth stepping by in person! We’re looking forward to your visit!

For questions regarding the virtual tour please send us an e-mail any time.

You may start the virtual tour at any of these locations:

Palladium Theater | Apollo Theater | DORMERO Reception | CinemaxX | SchwabenQuellen

Virtual tour starting at Stage Palladium Theater entrance

Virtual tour starting at Stage Apollo Theater ticket booths

Virtual tour starting at DORMERO hotel reception

Virtual tour starting at CinemaxX 

Virtual tour starting at SchwabenQuellen