Directions and Parking

Arriving via Public Transportation

Via subway / tram: Starting from Hauptbahnhof Stuttgart take either the U5, U6, or U12 from Hauptbahnhof Stuttgart to Möhringen Bahnhof. Switch to the U3 going in the direction of Plieningen. Your stop is Salzäcker.

Via S-Bahn train: Starting from Hauptbahnhof Stuttgart take either the S1 (direction Herrenberg), the S2 (direction Filderstadt) or the S3 (direction Flughafen / Messe) to Stuttgart-Vaihingen. Follow the signs to the subway station and take the U3 going to Plieningen. Your stop is Salzäcker.

Starting from Stuttgart Airport, take the S2 (direction Schorndorf) or the S3 (direction Backnang) to Stuttgart-Vaihingen. Follow the signs to the subway station and take the U3 in the direction of Plieningen. Your stop is Salzäcker.

Via bus: Take bus number 73 or 77 to Sternhäule or bus number 77 to Landhaus.

Arriving by car / Parking information

Travelling on the A8, take exit Stuttgart-Degerloch/Möhringen. Merge onto the B27 toward Stuttgart-Zentrum. Follow the signs to “SI-Centrum”.

Our parking garages are brightly lit and provide ample parking spaces under constant video-surveillance.

Parking garage P1: DORMERO Hotel Stuttgart, DORMERO conference rooms 1-13, SchwabenQuellen, Spielbank (Please note that parking level -3 does not have an elevator or other handicapped-friendly access to the hotel / Si-Centrum.)

Parking garage P2: DORMERO conference halls A-C, musicals (Apollo and Palladium theater), CinemaxX movie theater

Parking garage P3: SI-SUITES

For bus drivers

The parking garages can accommodate vehicles with a height less than 2 meters. Please use bus parking for larger vehicles. You can find bus parking behind the Palladium theaters. Follow the signs coming off the B27 / Autobahn.

Please note: The parking ticket machines will automatically dispense a ticket with a flat rate charge for parking already applied. This charge can be paid ahead of time in order to avoid long lines after a show has ended. If you want to opt out of the flat rate, please make sure to press the opt-out button on the machine. You will then be charged the regular parking rate for the duration of your stay.

Special rates are available for visitors of the SchwabenQuellen / KANTO SPORTS and CinemaxX. Please see a representative of SchwabenQuellen or CinemaxX with your ticket before you leave.

Charging stations at the SI-Centrum

You may charge your electric vehicle at parking garages P1 and P2. For more information, please see Charging stations.

European Emission Standard Euro 4

If you are planning on travelling with a vehicle rated 4 or worse on the European Emission Standard scale, please click.



The parking garages on the SI-Centrum complex are managed and maintained by APCOA, a parking specialist operating in 12 European countries. Its German arm APCOA PARKING Deutschland GmbH is headquartered at Stuttgart Airport and services over 200.000 parking spaces in more than 80 cities.

For questions regarding parking please contact APCOA directly via E-Mail or dial 0711 / 305 70 305.

ShareNow parking spots at SI-Centrum

Need a quick and easy way to get from A to B? Use ShareNow! Electric two-seater smart cars are available for rent at an inexpensive per-minute rate. Simply book, drive, and leave the car anywhere. There is no obligatory return station.

There are 4 exclusive ShareNow parking spots available at SI-Centrum right next to parking garage P1. As you approach the entrance to P1, keep right and follow the road to the end of the parking lot. The ShareNow parking spots are clearly marked and openly accessible without restrictions at any time!

Low-emission zone Stuttgart

The city of Stuttgart has been a designated low-emission zone since March 1, 2008. Since January 1, 2012, you may enter the city limits with your vehicle only if it is marked with an official green low-emission sticker. Driving into the city with a red or yellow sticker, or no sticker at all, is no longer permitted.